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Siwooinparis's dainty hoop art inspired by the springtime

from Annalisa Chelli - 20/03/2019

#Quipa Yarn

Annalisa Chelli

Hoop art mon amour

Camille Yang is the name behind the dainty and minimal hoop art from Siwooinparis. Camille is a self-taught Parisian embroider has a pictorial and visual art background. As a child she would throw herself headlong into the bookcase at home which was bursting with books on art while watching her painter mother in awe. She started drawing manga when she was a little girl and she chose the Faculty of Architecture at University.

siwooinparis - hoop art

The desire to draw never went away and whilst unknowingly looking for an alternative to Japanese comics to express her need, she came across embroidery by chance. She wanted a present for someone special and decided to embroider a t shirt by hand.

And that’s how it all started, from there the brand Siwooinparis came about. So, by finding connections between painting and embroidery – the attention with which the colours were chosen, the influence of the nuances, the next contemplation - she never left embroidery but instead developed it through extraordinary hoop art. She’s got a dainty, precise and a very well formed style.

hoop art - springtime

The outburst of spring in a hoop art

Camille is the special sponsor of the new colours of our Quipa, an alpaca and soft wool yarn, which is warm and super strong. She’s created a hoop art for us that honours spring. It’s got newly blossomed flowers, ladybirds, ripe strawberries and two funny looking characters who are holding hands. It’s a kind of hoop art that gives out brightness and a touchable joy. It’s unbelievable how so much energy can be found in such a few square centimetres.

hoop art - contemporary embroidery

So, thanks to Camille, loads new colours have been added to Quipa’s collection – they are now over thirty nuances available -. All chosen by her. All brightly coloured. All ideal for embroidery too. Quipa’s thin yet soft texture adds a 3D chunkiness to the embroidery that can only be achieved with wool yarns.

Camille’s got lots of new products in store, from kits for embroidering dolls and pieces inspired by her favourite illustrator, Carl Larsson. Check him out!

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