Katy Biele and an embroidery inspired by the gardens in Victoria

Katy Biele is a Chilean textile artist and painter who currently lives on the west coast of Canada. She loves travelling which she combines with teaching. She travels the world and organizes workshops where the opportunity offers itself. This also gives her new ideas as each place has its own well-defined culture that brings with it its colours, shapes and history.

Katy Biele's style

Her work as an artist includes making diversified surfaces using thread and paint, giving them a 3D and lifelike texture. Her hoop arts and her watercolours are a reworked version of her imaginary world, the gardens she visits and the faces of the women she meets. Katy Biele is really into travelling – her favourite way is by camper – a chance to benefit from the experience fully, scouring all the surrounding area looking for something to turn into one of her next works. She worked on developing her style and technique for a few years and it really paid off: unique pieces full of bright colours, expressiveness and with clearly established and authentic features. I find the native women’s faces that she paints amazing, with their majestic traits and tribal symbols that distinguish them. Admire her picture gallery on her site.

The hoop art made for us 

Katy Biele has made a Floating Garden Aqua hoop art for us – inspired by Butchart Gardens near Victoria on Vancouver Island - with dainty flowers in all kinds of different textures, thanks to the chosen yarns having different yarn counts. Katy has tried out new colours compared to the ones she usually uses. She’s also played around with Lincoln, turning it into chunky pom poms and likewise with Piuma. Then with Quipa, using it as if it was a thin ink pen and lastly with Charleston that added some shininess to the piece.

Charleston - 100 g
1 pc. € 10,63
Charleston - 100 g
1 pc. € 10,63
Lincoln - 100 g - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 10,25
Piuma - 100 g - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 7,98

The yarns have been skillfully mixed together with the painting part which, afterall, is Katy’s trademark.

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