Hello Hydrangea weaves diamonds

Lindsey Campbell lives in San Jose California. Home of Silicon Valley, a major technology hub overlooking the Pacific Ocean and gently sheltered by high mountains.

Lindsey started her own brand, Hello Hydrangea, back in 2016, making her dream of turning her passion for macrame and textile art, into a full-time job come true. Lindsey is a creative person who shares her knowledge with whoever wants to learn. She’s even written books on weaving and made video tutorials for beginners and for the more experienced too on other techniques such as macrame and needle punching. Lindsey’s a real creative coach, who encourages others to express themselves through textile art, as she strongly believes that creativity isn’t necessarily linked to the art world but, on the country, believes it should be an important tool used to take care of ourselves. Just another reason to work on expressing one’s own creativity every day.

If we take a close look at Hello Hydrangea’s Instagram feed we can see a gallery of predominately white textile objects with warm and pastel tones. We can also see a bold and intriguing approach to art, full of trials and new twists. Her works certainly add contemporary style beauty and harmony wherever they are.

Hello Hydrangea's little collection

What Lindsay made with our yarns and our extra fine merino wool tops is a collection of 6 pretty triangles – which resemble the shape of diamonds – each one showing a different way of combining a variety of materials and techniques. It’s basically a small textile compendium!

Stromboli - 200 g
1 pc. € 17,33
Stromboli - 200 g
1 pc. € 17,33
Piuma - 100 g - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 9,06
Extra Fine Merino Wool Tops (Sliver) - The Classics Collection
100 g € 5,99
500 g € 26,99
1 kg € 52,25
5 kg € 252,11
10 kg € 487,76

The triangle collection combines macrame and weaving. Lindsey loves macrame because of the endless motifs you can get out of it. This textile technique is usually done using cord; however, this time Lindsey has tried her hand at using yarns and fibres. Firstly, she outlined the frame of the knots on triangular structures and then carefully chose the fibres to weave inside them. Soumak was the chosen weaving technique, one which was originally used to make rugs. The outcome is a triangle textile collection that mixes compact and solid parts together with dainty details.

The wall hangings by Hello Hydrangea are sample sized and can be made into bigger pieces. You could have a go at copying this little collection by trying to guess which knots were used. Lindsey, who has a real keen eye for macrame and weaving, promises us that you can learn the basic steps of these two amazing techniques in just one weekend!

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