Mandi Smethells: imaginative fiber art

Mandi Smethells is an American fibre artist from Minnesota. She’s got a huge number of followers on Instagram and a well-kept feed and it’s right there on Instagram, where I came across her and admired her creative flair right away. She creates colourful and cheerful textile design pieces that are mostly small or medium sized wall hangings.

Mandi Smethells tried out our (Sparkle, Sierra, Piuma, Vintage and Cyrcus) yarns for her textile rainbows with pompoms and tassels. The main thing that Mandi liked about these fibres is that despite their super soft texture they’re strong enough to withstand her twisting technique. A quality, that by the sounds of it, is not easy to find in the yarns available on the market.

Vintage - 100 g
1 pc. € 4,24
€ 8,48
Cyrcus - 100 g
Cotton Candy
1 pc. € 6,09
€ 12,18
Piuma - 100 g - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 9,06

Mandi Smethells - imaginative fiber art

Mandi Smethells - uses DHG yarns

Mandi Smethells churns out her small works in a workshop she’s got inside her house and her greatest sources of inspiration are her two young daughters. Not only is Mandi attracted to unconventional materials and spends her free time wandering around antique shops and street markets on the look out for yarns, beads and vintage ribbons, her creativity is ignited also by paintings and textile works, where the combination of colours fuel her creative impulse.

Mandi Smethells - textile rainbows

Another quirky thing about Mandi Smethells is she has an identical twin, which she considers herself to be very lucky for. Having said that, this also made her even more determined to be her own person and given her even more motivation to try and establish herself as a unique and special individual.

In fact, it’s exactly in textile art that she found her uniqueness and artist’s message: seeing one’s own creative path originates from one’s own life experiences.

Mandi Smethells - exclusive project for DHG

In this article you’ll see two pieces by Mandi, made exclusively for us: two gorgeous wall hangings! The first one is bursting with faint and soft pompoms and the second one, like a rolled-up shape, is almost a journey through dozens of colours that starts and finishes with two different tassels. Both of them, however, represent the must-haves of Mandi Smethells’s imaginative fibre art.

If you'd like to know more about Mandi Smethells, click here to visit her blog.