DIY Christmas packaging: DHG style of course

Here we are with DIY Christmas packages, created specially for you by Silvia and Agnese (lemissmatch) with the help of Gianluca from Heaven Flowers. I adore the results, most of all, because what they came up with are stylish but easy to make.

Agnese and Silvia created the packages and chose the materials to decorate them with and Gianluca helped us to make them, enriching them with pine branches and berries.

Simple ideas for beautiful and "nice" Christmas packaging

From the beginning, the idea was to only use materials which we had on hand because we strongly believe that what makes each gift (and its wrapping) special is the love that you put into making it and the attention to detail. You don't have to spend a lot on materials.
Actually, sometimes using recycled materials, mixing different elements and experimenting with new combinations give the best results. So we rummaged around our houses and at work and we found lots of things that we no longer use, remnants from old gift wrap, vintage and almost new boxes, pieces of felt and trimming that we have yet to show you.

2mm Wool Felt Ribbon, 2.5 cm wide - 20 m
1 pc. € 11,98
TEMPORARY - Pongee 05 Silk Ribbon, 10 cm wide - 5 m
1 pc. € 21,32
€ 26,65
30x30 cm / 2 mm Thermoformable Wool Felt Sheets
Red Carpet
1 pc. € 1,56
5 pcs. € 7,08
10 pcs. € 12,60
Piuma - 100 g - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 7,97

And here are the results! Gift wrapping that reflects our personalities, made from the heart and trying to be as eco-friendly as possible.

White Xmas Box

This Christmas box can truly be made by anyone. All you need is 5 minutes and zero DIY know-how. The wool rope, which is so rich, doesn't require any extra work. Just tie it around the box and hid the knot under the decoration (and glue down with hot glue). The felt, too, (a 30X30 cm square) doesn't need to be cut or sewn: just position it on the box and give it some volume to give it the look of a bow. You can add whatever decorations you like. We stole a star straight from the Christmas tree… and it's ready!

Jingle Bells Box

This Christmas packaging was created using "recycled" materials. Both the stars and the bells actually came from gifts received over the years. We love to keep them in special boxes which over time have become true treasure chests. Just open then and forage around: something always pops out that can give our packages that special extra touch!

Love Is In The Box

Here is a packaging for the more romantic of you. We put 3 hears on it but you can always add more. There are lots of beautiful ones on the market that only cost a few cents. (Cupid's) Arrow is made from felt. We had some swatches that we reused for these. We also love the nature which surrounds us: never throw away that which can be resued, right?

Drink & Be Merry Box

What if you are invited to an unexpected Christmas dinner and you don't know what to give the hosts and/or didn't have time to look in the stores? What do you do? A nice bottle of wine (especially here in Italy) is always a welcome gift. Plus, if the bottle arrives in a beautiful package, even better. You will make a great impression!
So here we are with a Christmas package designed especially for an (understated) gift box for wine. We have quite a large collection of these as well because we keep them all and they all are useful, sooner or later. Like in this case. Isn't is adorable?

Let It Snow Box

This is the true jubilation of Christmas. Red, white, merino wool, fresh pine and most of all a big bow. Plus it's easy to make: just make a nice bow and add a dot of hot glue. With this package, just like with the others, we specifically tried to use recycled materials and/or things (not necessarily Christmas themed) that we found around the house. We used some polka dot paper but the effect would be amazing with different paper as well. You have to see it to believe it.

Santa’s Hat Box

It has been a while that we have been eyeing Agnese's vintage hat box. In the end, she gave in. Here it is in its Christmas best: it was already beautiful as is but our Très Chich wool, in our opinion, gives it an extra touch and makes it easy to carry. What do you think? Plus, once the pine has dried and you remove the tree from the top (to keep for future gifts), the box is still beautiful and perfect to dispaly in any closet. In the end, the box itself could be a great gift...

Lucky Stars Box

Stars always say Christmas. The stars we chose for this Christmas package (aside from the tin ones already used in other projects) are made from 2 mm thermoformable felt. We chose classic colors and didn't go overboard with the number of stars but you are free to reinterpret this idea, even covering the entire package with lots of colored stars to create a sort of texture. We combined bows mades with our circular wool "Mr. BIG" and the "MAXI" wool cord. We can't say no to bows at Christmas.

Bow & Stripes Box

We went classic for this Christmas package as well, playing with the most Christmas-y of colors: red, white and green. We paired them with a fragrant little pine branch which we used both on our packages as well as for our table and living room decorations. It really gives a Christmas feel! Just be careful: add decorative branches at the last minute so that when you give your give they will still be fresh and bright green.

What do you think of these ideas? Do you like them? Do you like the trimmings that we used? They were all made by talented artisans here in Prato who make them using our Piuma yarn. Unfortunately they are not yet available online but they will be soon. Some of you might accuse of being a bit mean (something that one shouldn't do at Christmas) by showing you them without letting you by them but we couldn't resist.They are perfect for this type of project.
So, forgive us and stay tuned. In a couple weeks, the DHG trimmings will be here!

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