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A 100% crafty Christmas

Are you on the lookout for DIY gift ideas to make this Christmas special? Then look no further!

This year we’ve gathered together our best “hands” who have come up with some really unique projects to make not only ours but also yours a 100% crafty Christmas.

Here they are. Get your fill of inspiration and tutorials.

A 100% crafty Christmas: knit ideas

Of course we just had to include the projects made with our latest items such as the alpaca yarns that were used to make the arm warmers and a super soft scarf. Not forgetting the prefelt ribbons that once again we used as if they were yarns to make a lovely retro spacious shopping bag.

Piuma - 500 g - The Classics Collection
Natural White
1 pc. € 29,84
Sparkle - 100 g
Art Decò
1 pc. € 12,33
30x30 cm / 2 mm Thermoformable Wool Felt Sheets
Red Carpet
1 pc. € 1,53
5 pcs. € 6,87
10 pcs. € 12,20
Deluxe Faux Leather Ribbon, 2.5 cm wide - 20 m
1 pc. € 12,54
€ 15,67

Here the link for the tutorials on the arm warmers and the hooded scarf.

Whereas for the bag we recommend taking a look at the pochette tutorial, made last summer with the Tunisian entrelac crochet as part of the Afro-Chic Mood.

Same materials and technique for a project with a completely different style thanks to the addition of contrasting embroidery detail which was made yet again using extrafine merino prefelt ribbons. The handles however were made with deluxe faux leather ribbons.

… and with the leftovers from all these materials? Other projects of course!

We have come up with crochet cup cosies and potholders, which in our opinion, are a great way to use up your left over yarn.

You can find the tutorials here.

A 100% crafty Christmas: Felt ideas

Instead for those of you who love working with industrial felt, check out these cute animals made with our 3mm thermoformable wool felt.

Thanks to the thermoformability and a simple electrical oven you can create three-dimensional figures that will melt your heart.

A bear, an ox, a donkey whatever you want! All you need is a pattern, a pair of scissors and a small oven! If you’ve never used this technique before, why not take a look at our video tutorial before starting out.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert at this, you can find the animal patterns made for us by Manusa here.

A 100% craft Christmas: floral design

Fans of textiles and flowers? Well this project is right up your street. We asked Silvia, our trusted floral designer, to create a Scandi-style centerpiece, where our materials would be put together with plants, flowers and all the other materials that we love  decorating our table with.

And here it is. Be inspired.

Plants that look like they’ve come out of a book of fairytales, wood, candles and our materials: thermoformable felt for the base, printed Piuma yarn to give a gentle touch of colour, Bergschaf wool to add warmth and softness and last  but not least gold and silver shapes in deluxe faux leather to add to the Christmas theme. Don’t you just love it?

To finish off with we couldn’t not have a door wreath.

A wooden base and lots of creativity as well as fir branches, berries, yarns and felt and faux leather ribbons.


Also for this project there isn’t a tutorial, but as we often like to do, we invite you to experiment and have fun using our materials as you like.

Even if the outcome is not that of an expert floral designer, who cares!

I can already smell ginger in the air and hear Frank Sinatra singing Santa Claus is coming to town in the background… I LOVE CHRISTMAS!