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Tutorial: how to make a crochet cup cosy and potholders

After making the arm warmers and the hooded scarf, we realized that a lot of yarn was leftover. Just small quantities though and not enough to make something and so we thought up of 2 projects to use up that left over yarn.

Here they are. The tutorials for the crochet cup cozy and pot holders.

Why do we like them?

Because they are simple and quick, an ideal last minute present.

They also allow you to use up small pieces of yarn that would easily end up being forgotten about, or worse, in the bin!

We have used Piuma, Vintage, Cyrcus, Sparkle, Sierra for our pot holders. However, as we said before, just use your leftover yarn.

How to make crochet potholders

Crochet hook n° 4.5 EU / 7 US

Clover Hooks - 2-6 mm
5.00 mm
1 pc. € 9,64
Sierra - 100 g
1 pc. € 22,39
Cyrcus - 100 g
Black Cherry
1 pc. € 6,09
€ 12,18

Single crochet

Magic loop:
Wrap the yarn around your index finger on your left hand twice, passing the second yarn behind the first one: we’ll call the first thread the one which is nearest to the tip of your finger and the second thread the one nearest to the palm of your hand.

Now pass the hook under the first thread and pull out the second one: like this you have created a loop. Now pick up the thread and pass it through the loop: you’ve now got the first single crochet.

Remove your finger from the loop and work single crochet around the ring until completed.

Now, by pulling the yarn from the beginning of the work, you can tighten the initial loop until it almost disappears!

Insert the hook under the top two loops of the next stitch on the previous row.

Let's get started!

Work 6 single crochets inside the magic loop, close with slip stitch.

Continue to work in a circle increasing the number of single crochet stitches on every round between one increase and another, starting with one loop and ending with 10 (eg: first round 1 increase, 1 single crochet, 1 increase, second round 1 increase, 2 single crochet stitches, 1 increase and so on).

Do you like them? I love them!

Maybe it’s because they remind me of the ones made by grandmothers. My own, who grew up during the second world war at a time when one couldn’t afford to waste anything, made beautiful colourful ones with the countless leftover yarn that she had scattered around the house. First they made sweaters, hats, scarves and socks and then with what was left over; potholders for the kitchen and covers (which were often made by sewing together potholders of various kinds).

Maybe this could be your next project…

But first you have to take on the cup cosy too.

I bet the cup cosy and potholders together will be a much appreciated and useful gift!

How to make a crochet tea cosy

Just like for the potholders, Piuma, Vintage, Cyrcus, Sparkle and Sierra yarn have been used, along with prefelt ribbons. As we said before , just use what you’ve got.

Crochet hook n° 4.5 EU / 7 US

Single crochet
Puff stitch

All the work is 2 ply.
Cast on a chain of 25 stitches, turn over the work and continue working the single crochet.

Continue in this way for 9 rounds, alternating the colours. On the 5th round, on one side only, make a loop of 9 chains.

With the prefelt work a chain stitch and raise the loop by about 2-3 cm. knit another 3 stitches, close them with a chain and tie the beginning and closing ends together tightly.

To make up

Sew the ends together, attach the button with extra fine merino wool prefelt ribbon and decorate the cup cozy according to your taste.

Your cup cosy is ready! A-d-o-r-a-b-l-e.

It’s perfect for spending those cold days in front of a fire, with a nice cup of smoking hot chocolate.