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Andrea Noeske Porada: exclusive interviews DHG

Andrea Noeske Porada

Andrea Noeske Porada is a German felt maker. Her approach to felting is truly original. Indeed, Andrea uses a special technique which allows her to realize complex two-dimensional surfaces, as well as three-dimensional soft sculptures.

Andrea Noeske Porada felt sculptures

Her designs are always elegant, and are always inspired by something new. The patterns range from native Australian paintings, to the Japanese art of paper folding. Here at DHG, she will in fact teach a course titled Origami Felt during which she will teach students how to create three-dimensional structures to use to make pieces of jewellery and other small objects. So, let’s get to know Andrea Noeske - Porada with this brief interview.


DHG: hi Andrea. You and artisanal felt: was it love at first sight or did you fall in love with it in stages?
ANDREA: my career with felt started in about 2004 and it was not love on the first sight. But after 3 attempts I was able to see the enormous potential which is hidden in this material. From that time on I wanted to learn all about felt. Even if I do not call myself a felter I work nearly permanently with the material felt. I love felt as a material with a wide range of possibilities.

150 cm wide Superlight Pre-felt - Natural White
Natural White
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Superlight Pre-felt Color Card
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D: being a felt maker allows you to travel to many different countries. Where would you like to organize your next workshop and why?
A: after the DHG Workshop in April I will travel to Buenos Aires. I have been invited by Julia Rossi to teach the FeltFoldings in their different appearances,  like Basics of FeltFoldings, Facetted Jewelry and Facetted  Wearable and Unwearable Objects.

Andrea Noeske Porada felt sculptures

D: Origami Felt is the title of the course you are bringing to DHG. Could you briefly explain the technique you use to make your extraordinary 3D pieces?
A: sharp-edged geometric forms grow out of a flat surface during the shrinking process and form a relief of repeating spatial structures. Thanks to the special construction of Felt Foldings, the relatively thin felt that results has an amazing resilience and stability of form. Usually I start by doing a paper model to find out in which direction the folds run and which folds are supposed to be mountain or valley folds.

D: for your creations, do you prefer using earth tones or vibrant colors?
A: when I work on my samples I very often use the material I have in my boxes and do not care about colors at all. Therefore my samples very often have strange color combinations. In general I like to work very reduced which means less colorful. When I use colors I prefer vibrant colors.

Andrea Noeske Porada felt sculptures

D: what advice do you have for those who would like to start hand felting? What are the necessary qualities of a good felt-maker?
A: it depends very much on the individual typ of learner. I like to learn systematically and therefore I completed the Felting School in Oberrot, Germany where I got the general idea of the different felting techniques and the fibers and does felt work. After this education I was able to find my own way in using this material.  In my opinion a good felter needs a lot of patience and pleasure in experimenting.

D: what’s your favorite day of the week?
A: tuesday.

D: do you have a pet?
A: no, just my husband is waiting for me returning from the studio.

Andrea Noeske Porada felt sculptures

D: how would you like to celebrate your next birthday? Unleash your imagination, you can choose anything!
A: I would like to run a marathon and all my guests are at the roadside cheering for me.

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