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Faux leather: Be stylish even in the rain!

We are already right in the middle of autumn and although it seemed like the summer was never going to leave us this year, the temperatures are dropping and we are getting ready for shorter, colder and rainy days.

Enough of the nostalgia though. I am totally convinced that autumn is a beautiful season and it gives us an excuse to show off really great pieces. Donít you think? So, have a look at these pieces designed exclusively for us by the designer Manuel Attardi†from Milan. Manuel is not only a talented designer but an old friend. As an expert in textile materials, he was thrilled at the idea of working with our faux leatherÖ and the results speak for themselves!

Faux leather: suitable for any season

And thatís how the faux leather capsule collection, that we are presenting to you today, came about.
Pastel colours for those who want a bit of colour when the days become greyer.            
Clean lines suitable for both mums and little girls. Modelling for us are Paola, our colleague, and her daughter Livia.

Deluxe Faux Leather Ribbon, 1 cm wide 5 m
1 pc. € 2,42
€ 3,03
TEMPORARY - 138 cm wide Deluxe Faux Leather
1 m € 16,83
€ 24,04
Deluxe Faux Leather Ribbon, 10 cm wide - 20 m
1 pc. € 48,65
€ 60,81
2mm Wool Felt Ribbon, 2.5 cm wide - 20 m
1 pc. € 15,36

What do you think? Arenít these capes amazing?

What I personally like the most is that even though our faux leather is very soft it allows you to create truly impressive pieces. Thatís how such a simple and practical piece like a rainproof cape can have such a striking look.

In addition to the two rainproof capes, Manuel also designed and made a backpack for us that unlike the capes, is suitable for any season.

The capes are rather complex to make so we propose them only for pure inspiration, whereas for the backpack you can also find the tutorial. Even this is not so easy, but following Manuelís instructions step by step, youíll see it will turn out a masterpiece.

More importantly you wonít need any special equipment, because our faux leather can easily be sewn with a household sewing machine.

All you have to do now is try it!