Plume Yarn and crochet for a Hippie Chic style

from Cristina Pedrotti - 22/02/2016

#Piuma Yarn

Cristina Pedrotti

Yarn mania!

Plume Yarn, I can't deny having fallen in love with it at first sight. In these past few months I have been churning out one project after the other and believe me, in the end it was hard to present you "only" 3.

So, after the maxiscarf/bib and the animal-friendly fur poncho, here I am with presenting you a new piece, the last one - for now!

All you need is some wool yarn and a crochet hook

When making this coat, I was inspired by a period in the history of that fashion I love, the fabulous 60's and 70's, making free use of the hippie style, although in a deluxe, oversize version. In fact, crocheted coats, so feminine and versatile, are definitely among this season's favorites!
Again, a fashionable yet practical and comfortable outfit. An item with a vintage soul, that you can personalize to make your coat, and to make you feel at the center of the attention at any occasion.
A traditional knitting technique and a classic yarn such as Plume create such a trendy item!

Follow me step by step to create your coat!

Piuma - 500 g - The Classics Collection
Natural White
1 pc. € 38,94
Piuma - 500 g - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 38,94
Piuma - 500 g - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 38,94

Cast on chain and basic crochet stitch

You will start by creating the back of your coat. Start a crochet chain and work in the basic crochet stitch, following the size of the outline.

For the armhole, decrease two stitches on each end.

At this point, you can begin crocheting the front. Follow the same pattern as for the back but in half the width.

Pockets and collar

To create the openings for the pockets, take a look at this video.

Once you have created the pocket openings, you can move on to creating the pockets. Once more, I will show you how with this video. A picture is worth a thousand words.

At this point, all that's left to do is create the sleeves by creating a straight rectangle for each sleeve.

Now that you have all of the pieces, assemble them.

Finally, pick up all of the stitches around the collar and crochet a collar about 12-14cm long.

Here is the finished piece!

Here I am with a few suggestions:

  • to embellish the piece, create a crochet chain around the edge of the front and the collar. Pick up every other stretch so as to create an sturdy edge that adds a bit of body to the piece
  • add the same finished edge to the sleeves to created an extra bit of puffiness
  • you can close the coat with a button or even add a zipper to the front ,but I prefer to leave it open like an overcoat and when it's really cold, close it with a big pin
  • if you want a true rock look, make it in black... and send me your pics!

See you soon!!


VeryCris/Cristina Pedrotti FashionBlogNotes

VideoMaker e Photo Agnese Morganti/lemissmatch

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