Hand spinning, Genoa and influences. The Ze:na Mood is online!

A new DHG mood is now onlineThis time we embarked on a real journey (literally) that brought us to where this Mood was inspired: Genoa, or Ze:na as the people from there call it.                   

Accompanying us were Stefania and Federica a.k.a The "Lanivendole", DHG’s customers and friends and, of course, born and bred Genoese.

Hand spinning and influences

From the first meeting with Stefania and Federica it was unexpectedly clear that the key word would be “influence”. The same influences that make Genoa as unique as hand spinning.

Genoa a city on the sea, a port. Where you arrive, you take and you leave something of yourself. A city that has been influenced for centuries and today is wonderful with its aesthetic, made up of thousands of nuances and contrasting splendor.

And it is at this melting pot that The Lanivendole have paid homage to, by creating 5 wonderful yarns that emphasize how hand spinning gives the amazing chance to create thousands of influences by mixing together miscellaneous materials: from fibres to metals, to stones to discarded textile products.

Not satisfied, us at DHG thought about raising the bar even more by working these yarns and matching them with other materials once again, to create garments and unique accessories. The outcome? A small collection with a great soul. Ideal for these first days of Autumn.

A capsule collection inspired by Ze:na

Yarn: Springy

It’s made with a blend of cashmere tops, Blue Faced Leicester tops e Tussah silk tops. The chosen tones are soft, pastel, blue and green. For an extra touch, silk flowers were inserted in the same tones.

We enjoyed knitting this yarn together with 2.5cm chiffon 6 silk ribbon to achieve a degrade 80s effect.

5 Kg. Extra Fine Merino Wool Tops (Sliver) - Raw Colors
Natural White
1 pc. € 180,15
Extra Fine Merino Wool Tops (Sliver) - Tempera Collection
100 g € 6,83
500 g € 29,89
1 kg € 56,93
Sari Silk Waste
50 g € 7,20
100 g € 13,13
500 g € 60,95
1 kg € 110,82
Viscose Tops (Sliver) - The Classics Collection
100 g € 3,28
500 g € 14,43
1 kg € 26,23

Yarn: Painted Shell

In this case the idea was to enhance the effect of the colour given by the use of a printed wool tops.

The nuances run smoothly throughout and the yarn is so fine and really twisted to then explode into three-dimensional details that remind us of shells. The colours are the ones of the houses in the old town (yellow and burnt orange) interwoven with the blue of the sea.

We liked the result so much that we decided not to work the yarn and use it as it is. Simply being worn it becomes a striking necklace!

Yarn: The Sailorman

An ode to the sea and to great sailing. This yarn was made with cotton tops, linen tops and twisted Tussah silk tops, a fishing line and silk tissue inserts. The tones, again, could only be the ones of the sea. The silk tissues are white, ideal wind sails.

How to work this yarn? It was a good question. In the end we combined it with our Piuma yarn and created a maxi striped scarf. A small tribute to the cathedral of San Lorenzo and to the surrounding alleys that appeared in our photo shoot.

Yarn: Explosive Batt 

To create this yarn, first of all a multi-fibre carded batt was created (extra fine merino wool tops, Tussah silk tops, linen tops, sari silk waste, alpaca baby tops, ramie tops, woolen buttons) and during the spinning silk hand painted cocoons which were cut in half were inserted. Again, the tones of the beach and the alleys in Genoa.

We said to ourselves that it was time to be bold and so we put this yarn together with chiffon silk ribbons and faux leather ribbons. With this composition we made up a purse. In our opinion the result is ever so unique. Don’t you think?

Yarn: Second Life

A second life. A second chance. Perhaps it is exactly that that is sought by travellers who arrive at the port of Genoa from far away countries. For sure it is the case for some of the materials used to make this yarn. Stefania and Federica in fact worked with rags of recycled cashmere in a blend made with tops and curly mohair, angelina fibre, extra fine merino wool tops. The outcome? A wild core spun yarn, with the title bulky.

And us, what did we do? We made it even bulkier, combining it with our extra fine merino wool worked with the giant knitting technique. Extra-large knitting needles and extreme volumes. Everything to give life to an oversized sweater that towards the evening, in the port area, turned out to be the perfect garment.

And with this piece, our journey to discover Genoa ends. A journey of great discoveries and experimentation.  So, we’ll leave you like this.

No tutorials to follow as this time we invite you to experiment. Take the materials and colours that you like the most and be bold. There won’t be right or wrong results. Nor techniques which are better than other ones: use whatever you like the most.

However, if you are ever curious and would like to try spinning, here is the first video tutorial on the wonderful hand-spinning technique made together with The Lanivendole. Happy viewing!