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Bonatti: an uneven textured slub yarn

Introducing Bonatti! A new slub yarn from the winter collection, which is a mix of alpaca and merino, and comes under the category of effect yarns. One of its special quirks is the wonderful slubs that stand out giving even, or should i say especially, knitwear with basic stitches a really quirky visual effect.

Our Bonatti yarn has a 2200 nm count. Itís got a full-bodied and uneven texture and comes in a selection of colours ranging from shades of blue to red and pink ones. So youíre bound to find a colour thatís just right for you. We absolutely love this yarn because it wraps you up in a big warm hug.

Itís precisely for this reason we wanted to try out its slubs to create two free and easy to make patterns. One, is a seamless hat embellished with a soft pom-pom and the other, a top down double face baggy sweater. Two must-have garments to face the winter season! The Knitting for Breakfast girls will be taking us through these tutorials, who also made two sweaters for the summer for us: a top down sweater and one with raglan sleeves.

Shall we get started? Letís get going with the tutorial on the hat embellished with a pom-pom.

How to make a seamless beanie with a pom-pom

How to make a seamless beanie with a pom-pom

This type of hat is knitted in the round, using circular needles, starting from the bottom and working your way up. The main advantage of knitting like this is to obtain a seamless single piece. Thanks to the slub yarn that we used, the hat looks like itís got small polka dots on it, instead itís just the natural effect of the yarn.

Bonatti yarn colour. Beaver 60g
Circular needles†7 mm (10,75 US)†and†8 mm (US 11)
Cable from 40cm or from 60cm
1 stitch marker for the start of the round

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Purl: rib 1/1= All the rounds: knit 1 and purl 1 to the end of the round.
Decrease: purl 2 together.

One size for adults

Here's how to proceed to make the seamless hat

Using the 7mm needles from 7mm cast on 54 stitches (+1) and bind off in the round.

To bind off in the round, knit stitch the first and the last stitch that were casted on together, paying close attention not to twist the work. Place the stitch marker.

Work on 54 stitches.

From the 1st to the 6th round: rib stitch 1/1 all the stitches.

Switch to 8 mm (US 11) needles.

From the 7th to the 39th round: purl all the stitches (33 rounds).

How to make a seamless beanie with a pom-pom

Now start decreasing as follows:
40th round: purl 7 and purl 2 together, repeat to end (decreased 6 stitches)
41st round: purl all stitches
42nd round: purl 6 and purl 2 together, repeat to end (decreased 6 stitches)
43rd round: purl aa stitches
44th round: purl 5 and purl 2 together, repeat to end (decreased 6 stitches)
45th round: purl all stitches
46th round: purl 4 and purl 2 together, repeat to end (decreased 6 stitches) [30 stitches in total on the needles]
47th round: purl all stitches.

Cut yarn leaving a tail of about 30cm. Thread it into a wool needle and pull it through each stitch on the needles, pull and secure it.

Now all thatís left to do is make the pom-pom to finish off our seamless hat.

How to make a seamless beanie with a pom-pom

Tutorial: how to make a small pom-pom

To make the pom-pom use two round pieces of card about 5.5cm in diameter with a 2cm diameter hole in the centre.

Put the two pieces of card on top of each other and wrap the Bonatti slub yarn around them. You can use a needle to pass the thread through the smaller hole, or to make it easier you can cut the two pieces of card so itíll be easier to pass the thread.

The thread must fill the hole in the centre of the discs. Now cut the threads that are between one disc and the other along the outer edges.

Pass a thread between the two discs and tie it tightly to secure all the threads of the pom pom. Remove the two card discs.

Finish off the pom-pom by tidying up the spherical shape with the scissors. Lastly, sew the pom-pom onto the top of the hat and put it all the threads!

How to make a seamless beanie with a pom-pom

The seamless hat embellished with a pom-pom tutorial has come to an end. We hope you like the effect of our Bonatti slub yarn and if youíre smitten with it already we definitely suggest checking out the tutorial on a seamless raglan sleeve top down sweater.