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John Malkovich, Prato and textile craftsmanship

from Annalisa Chelli - 11/02/2015

Annalisa Chelli

This week we are going to tell you about Prato and textile craftsmanship from a glamourous point of view

The great and charismatic John Malkovich. An American actor and director with European roots – in fact, Croatian, German, French, English and Scottish blood flows through his veins. A polychrome mixture which combines perfectly to create an irresistibly captivating performer with enigmatic tones.

Dangerous Liaisons, Being John Malkovich, The Sheltering Sky, Burn After Reading, and In the Line of Fire are only a handful of the cinematic hits in which he has starred, masterpieces that would never have gained their place in film history if not for his face. His magnetic look, made even more enigmatic by a slight strabismus, is able to penetrate even the hardest of souls. His inimitable and instinctive smirks have become his defining feature. All of these characteristics make us love him ever the more.

But John Malkovich has entered permanently into our good graces for a couple of reasons. We all know that everyone has their weaknesses. For DHG that definitely includes textiles, fashion and our city, and he has managed to hit all three in one single attempt. First of all, he is an astute fashionista, even working with Christian Louboutin in editing the preface of a retrospective on the legendary French designer. Secondly, because one day John Malkovich came to Prato to meet local textile designer Riccardo Rami, and decided to invest time, money and creativity into our city. He opened OJM, a concept store with an original philosophy which showcases the beauty of craftsmanship, a craftsmanship that respects all of the rules of tradition but softened by the necessary forays into technology. All of this combines to create innovative clothing with a sartorial taste, storied Prato dishes with a contemporary taste, and exhibition spaces just a stone's throw from the Castello dell'Imperatore (the imperial fortress built by Frederick II) with a fresh and current design.

Mr. John Malkovich likes Prato and its inhabitants and he says that he feels like one of us. He is attracted to our aesthetic taste and our talent. In his opinion, Prato is very livable and he feels at home here, not having to hide from the paparazzi and invasive people. He connects to the sound of the bells that spread throughout the historic center. Could we be any happier to have adopted such a special citizen?

As we see it, this type of initiative with a mix of original elements, a cosmopolitan vibe and local roots such as OJM are good for our city and that is exactly why we are happy to promote it.

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