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Maria Friese: exclusive interviews DHG

Maria Friese is a felt designer that those who follow us know very well. Indeed, Maria has taken part in our DHG Charity Project 2015 (you can see the gallery of the works she made for our project).

Maria Friese felt maker

I also interviewed her when we presented our Charity project (her interview is here).

Maria Friese will also teach a course at our headquarters, June 10th and 12th, which is already sold out! In order to celebrate, I decided to ask her a few more questions which I had to leave out of the previous interview! Enjoy!


Maria Friese Felt Work

How did you feel the first time you finished a felt work with your own hands?
I remember that it was a very magical moment for me,I was so fascinated by this technique and also so proud of myself . I felt very happy! And the result really motivated me to go further and start another piece.

Out of all your works, I was especially fascinated by your “Extraordinary Creatures”. I love “Box Fish I”! Where did you get your inspiration for this mini collection?
For a long time, I'm inspired by fossils, the underwater world, seedpods, the hidden and extraordinairy creatures of our nature! One day, I discovered the drawings of Ernst Haeckel, a zoologist and evolutionary biologist in the end of the 19th century. He did beautiful symmetrical drawings of the box fish species and I was so fascinated. Immediately I felt the desire to create one in felt. The angular body shape was an interesting challenge. It was not my intention to reproduce the real look, but to translate the shape with my own emotions and sentiments. I love the hexagonal pattern on the body due to the bone plates the body is composed of. I experimented with this wonderful harmonious geometrical arrangement. Currently I'm excited about a new project, which concerns an installation with five box fishes and other elements. Its an order for a stairway in a private house. I think the result will be marvelous.

Maria Friese Felt Work

Needle Felting Pad 20x30
20x30x4 cm
1 pc. € 5,45
Needle Felting Kit - Difficulty: easy / intermediate
Baby Seal
1 pc. € 12,50
70%´Maori´ 30%Bergschaf Carded Wool - Mélange Colors Collection
100 g € 3,62
500 g € 15,09
150 cm / 3 mm Thermoformable Wool Felt
1 m € 24,40
5 m € 115,89
20 m € 439,63

In June you will be at DHG as a teacher. We can’t wait! What is the next country where you would like to organize a workshop?
I will be teaching in several countries this year. I don't have the desire to go to a specific region. I like getting surprised about the teaching place! Its always exciting.

You also made felt costumes for a circus show. Can you tell us more about this experience?
I made the felt costumes last year. It was a great and enriching experience for me. I've learned many new things. Contrary to my usual artistic work, like my sculptures and wall art pieces, I had now to create pieces, which fits perfectly on moving bodies. the interchange of ideas and thoughts with the artists was interesting as well. That all was a very exciting challenge for me! Seeing my art in the event than was just wow! all was matched perfectly together! The music, the movements the costumes. I felt really touched by the whole interaction! The music and the movements of the artists made my felt works become alive! And that was amazing. I would love to do more projects like this in the future!

Maria Friese Felt Work

Felting is a complex process. Can you reveal just one little trick that you use when you are facing a difficult passage?
For me, in felting is all about the perfect quality combinations of the wool, patience, my own connection to the piece of art I'm working on and the very important finishing part of felting. Time doesn't count. In my workshops sometimes students think they have finished their sculptures. But I insist to go much further in felting and especially concerning the details. When they engaged themselves, they see, that its worth the effort! The art work becomes more and more attractive. In my opinion,you can never work too much on the finishing details!

Maria Friese Felt Work

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