DHG Charity Project: DHG for Meyer Children's Hospital

from Gaia Gualtieri - 29/05/2015

Gaia Gualtieri

DHG for Meyer Children's Hospital

Today, a project that we care a lot about has been born. First of all, we are inaugurating our DHG Art Gallery, with the help of the unique Shana Kohnstamm,who you will learn more about from Annalisa's posts. But above all, we are opening a new sales section on dhgshop. In this section, you can purchase the works that are on show in the DHG Art Gallery, and the entire proceeds will be donated to charity.

Meyer's Children Hospital

This section of the website is a permanent addition and will be gradually expanded with the pieces that other artists, in addition to Shana, have already made for us and that we will show you over the next months. And, as I said, the proceeds of all the works sold from now to the end of 2015 will be entirely donated to charity. Every year, we will choose an organization to which the proceeds will go. We will choose following only OUR hearts.

For this year, we have chosen Meyer Children's Hospital in Florence. A special place.

Meyer Children's Hospital

We as Italians know very well what the Meyer Children's Hospital is and what it represents not only on a national level but also an international lever. It is likely however that many of you know nothing about this marvelous organization and so we would like to take this opportunity to tell you about it.

Built in 1884 by Commendator Giovanni Meyer in memory of his companion Anna Meyer, the Meyer Pediatric Hospital was the among the first structures of its kind to be dedicated exclusively a children's health problems, from birth to adolescence, and it quickly earned the affectionate nickname of "little hospital for children".

After over 100 years, the Meyer still remains a center of excellence and an international Landmark for many children and their families. To ensure that this organization (which offers its services completely free of charge) can continue to grow and improve, private donations are essential. We know very well the professionalism, the passion and the beauty that are the true driving force of this hospital, therefore we decided to contibrute in our own small way.

In this particular case, we hope that, with your help, we will be able to do something for the many children each year who unfortunately need the treatments provided by the Pediatric Oncology Department. Maybe our contribution won't be so great, but we want to try. Can we count on your help?

For more information, visit the website of the Meyer Children's Hospital

For any other contributions and/or suggestions, write to us at: info@dhgshop.it

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