Miga De Pan - Embroiders a thready and cozy imaginary world

from Annalisa Chelli - 18/05/2018

Annalisa Chelli

Adriana Torres is an Argentinian artist who has a degree in Architecture and Graphic Design. The illustrator, embroiderer and ceramic artist also set up Miga De Pan (breadcrumb), a small brand of adorable handmade objects. However, it’s her embroidery that has captured my heart the most. Delicate and childlike, they’re like tiny extracts from stories whose main characters are animals, flowers, leaves or everyday objects.

Her brand has the Seal of Good Design, an official distinction awarded by the Ministry of Industry to the national industry products that stands for innovation, for its commitment to local production, by its position in the market and its quality design.

Miga De Pan has worked with top companies such as Seletti and also took part in well known worldwide international fairs like Pitti Bimbo and Maison & Object. Basically, travelling the world with her workshops.

I wonder how Adriana answered my questions?

You were born and grew up in Argentina. How much has your homeland, your origins and the environment that you grew up in influenced your creative side and your works?
I was raised in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, surrounded by nature. My mother is a teacher and an artist, and my father an entrepreneur. I studied and read a lot, and I guess always knew that I was going to be my own boss. I remember myself at eight, doing my homework, drawing my home’s plan. I discovered at that exact moment I wished to be an architect. I didn’t have a happy childhood since my brother died. I saw the world in a tragic way. I wanted to study a lot of languages, but only could study English and German. I remember myself walking in front of the Dante Alighieri Institute and how much I desired of going inside it!

Finding beauty in imperfection” is your motto. What does it mean exactly and how are you planning on expressing it?

I love to see the artist or artisan’s hand in a work. I don’t like embroideries that seem to be created by a machine. When you master a technique you need to leave something open to chance. I like mistakes, they show up humanity.

Your creations range widely from ceramics, rugs, cushions etc. What are your favorite materials and what subjects do you love painting the most?

I like working with clay but I prefer textiles. I love threads! I am always self-learning a new technique. My imagery is composed by animals, plants, chairs and sweaters. Sometimes houses, homeware and furniture.

The themes that reoccur are nature and tenderness. At least that’s what we are led to believe?

At the very beginning, when I was just learning to embroider, an astrologer told me that my path would be mothering in Art. Now I think he was right. I venerate childhood and perhaps my images could illustrate a children’s book. I try to look up humor through metaphors. Nature is beautiful. I choose to paint beauty, kindness, love. For tragedy we have the life itself.

Looking ahead, I’m guessing you’ve got some childhood dreams and maybe also some projects in the pipeline. Fancy giving us a little sneak preview?

When I was a child I dreamed of traveling around the world (maybe that’s the reason of my interest on languages…). Later, I dreamed of traveling for work. I got a grant from the Government of Argentina to develop a ceramic project. And I need to finish it this year. I was proposed to create a book about my world and some textile projects. Working on it some part of my time. I am also working on some new collaborations, newborns felt accesories and a toddlers clothing line. Also designing new rugs for El Espartano. And sketching my first solo show for 2019. My online store is almost ready too!

145 cm wide Wool Etamine - Raw Colors
Raw White
1 m € 30,97
2 m € 60,71
5 m € 148,67
TEMPORARY - Quipa - 250 g
1 pc. € 17,56
€ 29,27
TEMPORARY - Quipa - 250 g
1 pc. € 17,56
€ 29,27
TEMPORARY - Quipa - 250 g
1 pc. € 17,56
€ 29,27

As already mentioned your creativity is across-the-board and covers many fields. Is there someone in particular that fascinates you? An uncharted territory that you’d like to conquer and experiment with?
I will explore textiles until I die, I guess. I can imagine myself at my old age embroidering at a big scale. Right now I work very tiny stitches and thin threads. At the moment I think I have still to try a lot with textiles, ceramics and painting.

Your style really intrigues me. Do you have any models that you refer to or get inspiration from?

I draw with child eyes… My guides are my dreams and visions. I draw for many years until I found my own style. And as I look up in my interior world I guess I can express personal images. My illustration teacher taught us to dance Gurdjieff or yoga before start drawing, in order to draw with the body, not only with the head. She was a great influence on me.

In 2013 you took part in the FNA contest and won yourself a very important award. You chose a particular and rather unusual subject: a giant armadillo. Would you like to explain the reasons behind this choice and the message you wanted to get across?

I had to choose an animal from the national fauna to create a softie. And I chose the armadillo as they are under threat of extinction. I am especially moved by animals in this situation because it shows how cruel we can be.

A country you plan to visit and why?

I am organizing a new tour across Europe to teach some embroidery workshops. I am planning to visit London, Berlin, Madrid, Barcelona, Bilbao and Antwerp. I’ve never been to Japan and I deeply wish to be able to go there someday.

Do you have a reoccurring dream?

When I was a child I dreamed many times that I flew, but always needed to sit down on something. I couldn’t fly by myself. Sometimes I sat on books and sometimes on tree leaves. Last night (literally) I dreamed I was at an airport waiting for my flight to Buenos Aires. I was given a passport with a visa for my connexion flight in a country named Pink and Leberoni. It had pink pages full of flowers. I had in the photo a flower tiara and I looked beautiful. I wished to go to that place someday. And now I wish it became a reoccurring dream!

Favorite film?
Hayao Miyazaki’s My Neighbor Totoro.

A book you’d recommend?
Bestiario, by Julio Cortázar.