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Needle Felting in a Nutshell - New Episodes

Our adventure into the world of needle felting continues so here we are, as we promised a few weeks ago, to present you with two more videos starring Ruth Packam.

Feltro ad Ago - Needle Felting

While the first video was only intended to be a quick introduction to this technique and its materials, the videos that we are presenting today, on the other hand, are detailed tutorials that will show you how to create your projects step by step.

You will find not only basic concepts but also lots of little tricks that Ruth wanted to share with us and with you.

2D Needle Felting

The first video shows how to create flat, or rather 2D, objects.

Ruth creates some adorable pins using precisely this technique (that can also be used for lots of other objects).

Flowers, animals or whatever other object, there are no limits. All you need is imagination, patience and carded wool in lots of colors (and, excuse our modesty, but when it comes to the latter, here at DHG we think that we have something really interesting to offer you!).

Carded ´Maori´ Wool - Raw Colors
Natural White
100 g € 2,64
500 g € 10,50
Needle Felting Kit - Difficulty: easy / intermediate
Robin Brooch
1 pc. € 12,50
70%´Maori´ 30%Bergschaf Carded Wool - Mélange Colors Collection
Water Lily
100 g € 3,07
500 g € 13,40
Carded Bergschaf Wool - The Classics Collection
100 g € 3,53
500 g € 14,13

For example, for my daughter Allegra (who will be born in a couple weeks) Ruth made a pin in the shape of a bird, with an impertinent beak and pink and purple feathers. As they say in English, “Too Cute!”. You should see it! I’ve already positioned it in the crib. Thank you Ruth!

3D Needle Felting

The second video, instead, shows us how to use the 3D needle felting technique. The difficulty is higher but we are sure that your satisfaction will be greater too. To the ingredients listed above, just add some wire and a bit of dexterity and you will see what kind of objects you are able to create. Fantastic!

Of course it will take a bit of practice to reach Ruth’s level. In fact, Ruth creates amazing animals. With only a few simple moves, she is able to give them eyes that are so alive it seems as if they truly could come to life from one moment to the next. Kind of like what happened to Geppetto with Pinocchio...

So, get comfortable, keep pen and paper by your side to take notes and arm yourselves with patience!

Needle Felting...a Great New Love!

Often, many of you contact us because you would like us to briefly explain (sometime over the phone!) how to needle felt. We think this happens because unfortunately this technique is often considered simpler and, most importantly, less refined than nuno felting and therefore people think that they can learn by simply following a few easy instructions. They couldn’t be more wrong!

So, with this series of videos, we hope to provide you with some useful tools to learn what we could never explain to you in only a few words. Above all, we hope that you can appreciate the complexity and the richness of this technique. We have truly fallen in love…

Happy felting!

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