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Needle Felting: never been easier

Ruth Packham - The Queen of Needle Felting and a Wonderful New Friend!

After the success of our tutorial with Gaia Girard, we told ourselves that we simply had to do an encore and do a tutorial on needle felting.

Needle felting Queen - Regina del Feltro ad Ago

That is how we came up with the idea to contact Ruth Packham and to ask her to participate in this new adventure.

Would she accept? In short, we knew that she was extremely sought-after and to tell the truth, we were afraid that she wouldn’t have time for us.  Instead, Ruth not only accepted but she did so with lots of enthusiasm!

So Ruth came to spend 3 amazing days with us, over the course of which we worked, laughed and formed what we think to be a wonderful friendship. Not to mention some great videos…

The ABC’s of Needle Felting

In addition to her great passion and enthusiasm, Ruth has lots of experience and the sincere generosity to make herself available to whoever wants to learn. So much so that between takes she even spread her passion for needle felting to Agnese, our photographer and videographer!

Take after take, we ended up with 3 mini-videos in which Ruth teaches us the ABC’s of this technique and the many tricks to perfecting needle felting.

One video is completely dedicated to the ABC’s of needle felting and it is precisely this video which will be available online starting today. You will see how Ruth simply and clearly explains the basic techniques and the differences between the different wools available for purchase on the DHGSHOP.

Needle Felting Pad 10x20
10x20x4 cm
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Medium Needles
Medium Needles
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Maori wool mix
Assorted Colours
500 g € 11,36
Needle Felting Kit - Difficulty: easy / intermediate
Penguin Finger
1 pc. € 12,50

2D and 3D Needle Felting

In the videos that will be available online in the upcoming weeks, you will see Ruth up against 2D needle felting (in other words, needle felting a flat object) and with 3D needle felting which is the technique that she herself uses to create her famous little creatures.

Ruth isn’t the type of person who holds anything back and even when helping us (and you!) she gave her all.  She not only helped us to create these videos, which we are sure that you will love, but she also left us with a few pieces of advice: the very same advice that she follows every day when creating her adorable pieces.

  • Always work in good light and when you are not too tired.
  • Have more than one needle as they snap quite easily and you will be very frustrated if left without a tool to finish your project.
  • Always try to stab straight down in to the wool fibre rather than at an angle as this is often when the needle breaks.
  • If you are needle felting an animal try and have plenty of images to work from as reference.
  • Ideally your needle felting will be firm to the touch, not soft, when finished.

What do you think of the video?

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