Needle felting: UNE and the Antennae Creatures collection

Pooon Huang, aka UNE on Instagram and YouTube, is a fiber artist specialized in the needle felting technique. Pooon has been using wool fibres as the main ingredient to create her soft sculptures, since 2012. Her sources of inspiration are the natural world around her, especially plants and insects. She’s always on the look out for new ideas and she loves incorporating details from her everyday life into her felt creations.

Her style is minimal and fresh, lively and absolutely unconventional. Another characteristic of hers is starting her work off simply then focusing on the details to really intensify it fully.

She’s made a little collection for us, made up of three nice and really colourful pieces: Antennae Creatures.

How Antennae Creatures came about

In 2019 UNE visited an insect exhibition in Tokyo. The exhibition gave her a sensual and interesting insight into the world of insects, so much so that UNE started taking an interest in their behaviour. What’s more insects are often really small but also colourful and got bizarre shapes, things that heightened her curiosity.

Most people, thought UNE, are not fond of insects. They find them repulsive and are scared of them. So she decided to show these tiny creatures in a different light. She wanted to give insects a sacred and ascetic meaning so that people wouldn’t be afraid of them anymore and want to get to know them better.

She still has this idea today and has created the Antenna Creatures collection.

Medium Needles
Medium Needles
5 pcs. € 3,99
20 pcs. € 13,41
50 pcs. € 27,93
Carded ´Maori´ Wool - The Classics Collection
100 g € 3,25
€ 3,82
500 g € 12,80
€ 15,06
Carded Extra Fine Merino Wool - The Classics Collection
100 g € 6,54
500 g € 26,17
Carded ´Maori´ Wool - The Classics Collection
100 g € 3,44
€ 3,82
500 g € 13,55
€ 15,06

Antennae Creatures also came about thanks to the colours of the fibres chosen by UNE, extra fine merino and carded maori. Perfect for needle felting. Each little creature has a name: Jiao Jiao, Yuan Yuan and Kong Kong. They’ve each got little coloured antennae, 2 legs, little wings and no gender.

This is to make it easier for those who observe them to interact with them as they want without constraints. As if to say that everyone can see them as they prefer, and gender them as they see fit. As the ascetic value of a creature is also this, the freedom to be perceived in a thousand different ways.

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