Pitti Filati 2017 - We were there!

Pitti Filati 17

Pitti Filati is a fair which is held twice a year at the Fortezza da Basso, in Florence. The best yarn companies in the world get together to showcase their new collections. There is truly something for every taste and for people like us, who love and live textiles, it is amazing to have a chance to wander around among so many colorful and inspiring yarns. We took a whole day to devote to this full immersion into this wonderful event.

In addition to the desire to discover all the new yarn trends and say hi to the many friends we have among the exhibitors, we had a special reason to be there.

DHG feat. Tessitura di San Patrignano

Indeed, we helped a little in the making of some of the pieces in the Pitti FIlati Research Section.

This area of the fair, directed by fashion designer Angelo Figus and by knitwear expert Nicola Miller, is not only a real creative lab, but also an experimental observatory from which new trends for the next season are examined and launched.

For every edition, a different mood is chosen. This time around, the theme was THE HUMAN EDITION which, as the name suggests, focused on humankind and its natural needs.

Visitors were invited to walk along a route structured into several sub-themes conveyed through yarns and fabrics made with different styles, techniques and colors.

Two of the pieces in the exhibition were made by Tessitura di San Patrignano,  a branch of the rehab community center, using the DHG extrafine merino wool tops and our Giant yarn and… THEY LOOK AMAZING!

Vintage - 100 g
1 pc. € 8,53
Extra Fine Merino Wool Tops (Sliver) - The Classics Collection
100 g € 5,63
500 g € 24,63
1 kg € 46,91
5 kg € 226,35
10 kg € 438,62
Cyrcus - 100 g
1 pc. € 11,79
Extra Fine Merino Wool Tops (Sliver) - The Classics Collection
100 g € 5,63
500 g € 24,63
1 kg € 46,91
5 kg € 226,35
10 kg € 438,62

Waving with Tops!

The first piece, made by waving our extrafine merino wool tops, was included in the “Biodynamic” section.

“In biodynamic agriculture, the human being is at the absolute center. […] A new vision of Nature and of humankind, of what is perceivable and what is beyond perception, in order to better understand the inner torments of modern human beings. In this vision, working the land and taking care of animals becomes a source of therapy, balance and well-being.

The knits are mainly inspired by the land, the work and the design of the land as a fertile basis for growing plants. Movement and geometry inspire patterns animated by braids, soft knits, 3-dimensional grooves which remind one of the land with thicker areas, and parts which are made lighter by empty effects.
[…] The texture of the soil also inspires uniform yet vibrant surfaces, in which the yarn is enhanced by dry/wet and matte/shiny effects. The colors are those of vegetables and legumes, on an earth brown background.”

Giant Knitting for our inner child!

The second piece was made with our Giant yarn, in pastel shades. It was hand knit by the skilled San Patrignano artisans, which gave it even more character and soul. It was included in the “Doll” section.

“Play is a child’s first spontaneous activity, through which creativity, imagination and initiative develop, making up the basis for work in adult life. Play is also a key element in learning how to interact with other children, a moment in which a child takes the first steps towards socialization. Dolls hold a special place among toys. It is a human’s image. Through dolls, we look for our own self, sharing and projecting thoughts, happiness, sadness. In a doll, children see themselves. They animate them, giving them life through their imagination.

[…] Dolls inspire this theme, made up of warm, embracing items, with out-of-scale volumes: shapeless items which take us back to our childhood self. They cover the bdy without marking it, and everything is in proportion. The yearn, the knit, the accessory. You can comfortably get lost in it, like in a blanket. The colors are delicate natural pastel shades which are suitable for our inner child.”

Seeing our products as protagonists in an event of this kind made our heart beat faster, and made us very proud. We were even more proud because we collaborated with a wonderful organization like San Patrignano, where you weave to come back to life.

See you at the next Pitti Filati!