Penelope Pop - New DHG Mood: a Colorful Journey

Penelope Pop

After a black and white Mood like Fil Rouge, today we are off on an absolutely colorful journey, almost a Technicolor one.

Because we are a dyeing plant, colors have always been part of our DNA. They are our true love, an obsession, and above all, they are our trademark.


So, it was obvious that sooner or later we would take a trip of this kind. A trip through bold contrasts and unusual combinations. A trip that celebrates not only our love for colors but also, and most importantly, our love for creativity, for manual skills and for passion.


And who could make a better sponsor for this project than Penelope, the Homer’s heroine?  A woman and her loom against the whole world. A woman who is constantly at work to create and make something -- even though she is up at night to destroy it all, we forgive her because she does it out of love… She is a woman who creates beauty, a woman like many I meet every day. Believe me: during all these years, which are so hard under many points of view, seeing so many people that take care of their creativity and their passion every day has been heartwarming. It’s like going back to practical, genuine things.


And what’s more, she is a Pop Penelope.
"Because of the colors?!" you may ask.
"Not quite" I will reply.

She is pop in the most noble sense of the word. Pop means energetic, inclusive, dynamic.

"And I fall in love with everything, and I never get tired
Of causing love, of causing trouble"
(L. Cherubini - from "Bruto")


As always, our travel companion is Cristina of VeryCris, who is in every respect DHG’s Penelope. She has been working tirelessly, experimenting new materials and creating hundreds of projects, many of which we selected to present you during our journey.
Are you ready to set out? Passion, energy, colors. I already know I am going to love this adventure.

Let us start with DHG Faux Leather



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