Tutorial: halloween masks by Pollaz

With Halloween just around the corner are you looking for ideas and inspiration to make a mask which will amaze your friends? Then don’t miss our tutorials on how to make 3 awesome masks, perfect for both Halloween and Carnival. The masks we suggest have been created for us by Pollaz, who has already made fantastic clothes for teddybears using thermoformable felt, do you remember?

Pollaz and the patterns for the Halloween masks

A ghastly Pumpkin, a classic Black Cat or a Mexican Skull. Follow our guide to creating a mask, we will explain all the projects step by step. The patterns are organized starting with the easiest (Pumpkin) to the most difficult (Mexican Skull).

Note: The measurements aren’t available as it varies depending on whether you are making a mask for a child or an adult. So equip yourself with paper, pen and a soft tape measure as you will have to take the measurements carefully before starting!

Tutorial: How to make a mask in the shape of a Pumpkin

2mm of thermoformable felt Colour. Sunset
2mm of thermoformable felt Colour. Meadow
Sewing machine
Black thread
2 black grosgrain ribbons 30cm long and 0.5cm high

2 mm Felt Color Card
2mm Felt Color Card
1 pc. € 32,04
150 cm / 2 mm Thermoformable Wool Felt
1 m € 16,25
5 m € 77,20
20 m € 295,80
2mm Wool Felt Ribbon, 2.5 cm wide - 20 m
1 pc. € 9,58
€ 11,98
30x30 cm / 2 mm Thermoformable Wool Felt Sheets
1 pc. € 1,62
5 pcs. € 7,31
10 pcs. € 13,00

First, with a pencil draw a squashed pumpkin and 2 triangles on the Colour. Sunset felt. If you prefer, you can do it on a plain piece of paper first, to get the measurements right and then trace it onto the felt.

Now with the scissors cut out the shape and the 2 triangles. With the help of a sewing machine, sew on the 2 cut out triangles using the black thread. If you prefer, you can do this by hand with a thicker cotton.

Once finished, cut out a rectangle from the Colour. Meadow felt and attach it at the top of the pumpkin with a pin.

Using the sewing machine sew around the edge of the pumpkin, including the green rectangle, taking care to stay about 3mm away from the outer edge.

If you would like to add some extra detail to the mask, you could sew 4 semicircles on the top part, using the sewing machine. This will give it more character and intensity.

The mask is almost ready, all you have to do now, is sew the 2 ribbons onto the sides of the pumpkin so you can wear it.

Tutorial: how to make a Black Cat mask

2mm of thermoformable felt Colour. Black
2mm of thermoformable felt Colour. Milk
2mm of thermoformable felt Colour. Theatre
White pipe cleaners
Fabric chalk
Violet thread
Violet and lilac embroidery thread
2 black grosgrain ribbons 30 cm long and 1cm high

First, take the measurements of the face to which the mask is intended. Taking care to mark the position of the eyes and the nose exactly. Then with the fabric chalk draw the oval shape of the cat’s face and the outline of the eyes onto the thermoformable felt Colour. Black.  After, mark 4 cuts, 2 at the top on either side of the head and 2 at the bottom either side of the chin. As you can see in the picture below.

Then cut out the eyes and cut the felt in correspondence to the 4 marks.

Now draw the nose on the felt and then cut it out.

Using the sewing machine and the violet coloured thread, sew around the outline of the eyes at a distance of about 2/3mm from the eye.

Finally, draw your cat’s mouth and with the violet thread embroider it with a simple stitch.

To make the teeth, cut out 2 triangles from the Col. Milk felt and apply them either by sewing them on with a matching colour thread or using hot glue.

Now all that is left is to give the mask a bit of colour. Pollaz has chosen to sew, for example, simple lines of colours that contrast with black: violet and lilac.

For the whiskers use the white pipe cleaners, you need 2 16cm pieces and 2 9cm pieces.

Fold the longest piece in half and stitch it onto the mask using the black thread where the piece is folded.

Also here attach one of the 2 9cm pieces, again using the black thread. To strengthen it, bend it at the end as if to close (and hide!) the stitch. Repeat this to create the whiskers also on the other side.

Sew the flaps together in correspondence to the 4 cuts that you made at the beginning of the tutorial (2 on the head and 2 on the chin) taking care to overlap them slightly.

Now create the ears. Using the Colour. Black and Colour. Theatre felt. Cut out 2 pairs of ears: 2 big black ones and 2 smaller violet ones. Position the purple ears on top of the black ears at the bottom, centrally, and sew them on.

Last step: attach the 2 grosgrain ribbons onto the mask and…

… you’re ready to party!

And now the grand finale: the mask in the shape of a Mexican Skull. For this there is an ad hoc tutorial. We bet that this Halloween or Carnival you won’t go unnoticed! Thank you Pollaz!