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Tutorial: how to make a shopping bag with Prefelt Ribbons

This bag made with prefelt ribbons is part of the Afro-Chic outfit. Inspired by this scorching summer, we have made an outfit from strong contrasting Afro tones which we love because they combine different materials in an unconventional way.

Bag with prefelt ribbons

This piece in particular has been done using the Basketweave Stitch. It’s simple but the result is really snazzy.

How to make a bag with prefelt ribbons


Deluxe Faux Leather Ribbon 2.5cm Colour. Gold – 65cm / 25.6 inches each
Felt 3mm Colour. Fuxia  40x90cm / 15.7x35.4 inches
Prefelt Ribbons 2.5cm Colour. Passion, Earth, Theatre, Saffron about 50 metres / 55 yards of each colour
Knitting needle n° 9 EU / US 13

9.00 mm KNITPRO Basix Birch Interchangeable Circular Needles
9.00 mm
1 pc. € 6,45
Wool Prefelt Ribbon, 2.5 cm wide - 20 m
1 pc. € 9,99
Wool Prefelt Ribbon, 10 cm wide - 5 m
1 pc. € 14,62
Wool Prefelt Ribbon, 10 cm wide - 5 m
1 pc. € 14,62


For this project, the prefelt ribbons have been treated before being crocheted. For this important step please follow the instructions here.

Make a loose ball with the ribbon, wet it completely using very hot water, turning it delicately until it is completely soaked. Take it out of the water and let it drip dry well squeezing it carefully.

Immerse it again but this time using very cold water. Turn it to make sure it’s completely wet, then take it out of the water and dab it with a cloth or paper towels to dry it.

At this point unravel it and work the ribbons as if they were pasta. In other words, lay it out and roll it backwards and forwards on a flat surface until it looks like a big piece of spaghetti. Once the ribbon has a rather circular shape, secure it using an iron. Then, let it dry naturally and put it in a ball.


Basketweave Stitch

Punto Cavallo Stitch
It’s used to smooth rough edges and trims. The stitch is from left to right. Put the needle in 1 on the lower line, insert it in 2 slightly to the right on the upper line, then go out with the needle in 3 directly underneath.

Before taking the needle out, pass the thread under the stitch as shown.

Proceed with the following stitch. Note that the 3 of the stitch before is now stitch 1. Knit the whole row in the same way, keeping the height of the stitches constant.


1st round: *  Knit from the back of the 2nd loop on the needle behind the first loop (as to say knit into the back of the stitch) the first loop is still on the needle, knit the 1st loop, drop a stitch*,repeat*-* until 1 loop is remaining on the needle,knit 1 loop.
2nd round: the 1st knit, drop a stitch, *knit the 2nd loop on the needle, the first loop is still on the needle, knit the 1st loop, drop a stitch*, repeat *-* for the rest of the round.

Repeat these 2 rounds.

 The bag runs from top to bottom and these are the following measurements: about 40x60 cm / 15.7x23.6 inches.

1st round: cast on 120 loops and close in a circle (it’s possible to have a bigger or smaller bag by increasing or decreasing the initial loops).

2nd round: knit, positioning 3 different coloured stitch markers. The first at the beginning of the round, the second halfway and the third 60 loops after the second one. So in the second round the first and the third stitch marker coincide with each other.

From the 3rd round knit the Basketweave Stitch for about 10cm. Drop a stitch before and after the two stitch markers that indicate the sides of the bag (see instructions on reducing stitches in the NOTE). Drop a stitch every 4 rounds ( so 4 rounds without a drop and the fifth with)

Bag with Prefelt ribbonsChange colour and continue as for the previous colour, repeating from the 3rd round.

Proceed like this for the rest of the bag alternating the colours of the prefelt ribbons every 10cm. For the last round there will be 34 loops that will make the closing of the work.

Sew the bottom of the bag.

With the 3mm felt make the inside of the bag and join it to the knitted part by using Punto Cavallo Stitch (see instructions on Punto Cavallo Stitch in the NOTE).

Apply 2 handles made of Fake Leather Deluxe.


The drop is done by taking 3 loops and weaving them together with the next 3 loops. The loops involved in this step are 6 from which we will only pull out 2 loops. This drop must be repeated before and after the stitch markers that define the bag.


Punto Cavallo Stitch - Bag with prefelt ribbon

Punto Cavallo Stitch - Bag with prefelt ribbon

Punto Cavallo Stitch - Bag with prefelt ribbon