Afro-Chic Style. DIY!

We absolutely love the Afro-Chic style. So as soon as the opportunity presented itself we couldn’t help but make it our way.

Our recipe? Contrasting colours, using material in an unusual way and a strong desire to have fun! A bit like as children when it was fun to create things, using bits and pieces we found around the house. Ribbons, old buttons, threads, remnants and lots and lots of creativity.

Silk ribbon for a stylish midi skirt

We have made a midi skirt by knitting chiffon 6 silk ribbons 2.5cm wide. Just like yarn, it’s also easy to work with ribbon, with both needles and hooks allowing you to produce lovely and light pieces.

The chosen colour is Beaver. A grim colour but combined with brighter colours it unmasks a surprising look. An Afro-chic and minimal piece at the same time! What do you think?

Chiffon 6 Silk Ribbon, 2.5 cm wide - 20 m
1 pc. € 18,94
Wool Prefelt Ribbon, 1 cm wide - 10 m
1 pc. € 4,23
140 cm wide Wool Gauze
1 m € 34,14
2 m € 66,92
5 m € 163,89
TEMPORARY - Deluxe Faux Leather Ribbon, 2.5 cm wide - 20 m
1 pc. € 12,54
€ 15,67

If you fancy taking on this challenge you can find the free pattern here.

Pochette or shopping bag?

Whether you opt for a spacious shopping bag or an optical pochette, the prefelt ribbons are what you need. As of today you can buy them from our website and we’re sure you won’t be able to live without them!

Created only for needlework and wet processing felt techniques, from experience they have proved to be adaptable and workable with many different techniques.
So, what techniques did we use to create the two afro-chic bags?
For the pochette we used the Tunisian Entrelac stitch.
Instead for the shopping bag we have gone for the knitting needles. You can find the pattern here to make yours.


Then we have gone wild with the accessories.  Coloured, fun, easy to make and so light you can even wear 100 altogether.
To make them we have used prefelt ribbons and DHG deluxe faux leather which as of today you can find also in Gold and Silver.

It’s not afro-chic without a headband

We couldn’t even think about afro-chic and not create headbands. All you need is foulards or simple remnants to make fantastic ones.

Those in the photo? They were made with wool gauze Colour Honey and pongee silk Colour Florence and crochet prefelt necklaces. The rest is just creativity!

We love to see your creations and I’m sure they’ll come flooding in as always.

We can’t wait!