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Tutorial: how to make a midi skirt with Silk Ribbons

When we started thinking about the Afro-chic mood we decided to insert an item that would fit in well with the Afro-style colours and voluminous accesories and at the same time we wanted to introduce a basic everyday item for all styles. This is how we came up with a midi skirt made with DHG silk ribbons. Extremely feminine, comfortable and easy to make. We'll explanin how..

Midi skirt - Longuette made with silk ribbons

How to make a midi skirt with DHG silk ribbons


2.5 cm of Silk chiffon ribbon, Beaver colour - around 285 metres / 312 yards
a 20 cm / 8 inches zip
Needles 7 EU / 4 1/2 US

6.50 mm KNITPRO Basix Birch Knitting Needles
6.50 mm
1 pc. € 6,89
Chiffon 6 Silk Ribbon, 2.5 cm wide - 20 m
1 pc. € 17,99
Chiffon 6 Silk Ribbon, 2.5 cm wide - 20 m
1 pc. € 17,99
Chiffon 6 Silk Ribbon, 2.5 cm wide - 20 m
1 pc. € 17,99


1st row: Knit

2nd row: Purl


(The instructions below are for an Italian size 40 / EU S / US size 4)

Cast on 60 loops and work 34 rows.

Position the stitch markers after the 16th and 34th loop. These stitch markes are needed to highlight the hip.

Before and after the two markers work two loops together (here we do 2 dropstitches and they decrease into a total of 4 loops).

Important: Dropstitches must always be done on a knitrow.

Repeat the dropstitch every 4 irons until you end up with 44 loops.
Work 14 rows.

After you've completed the stitches, join the two sides leaving an opening of about 8 cm at the lower end for the split and at the height of the waist sew the zip.

Tadaaa... the midi skirt is ready to be worn. What do you think?

Midi skirt - Longuette made with silk ribbons