Victoria Manganiello creates a wall hanging especially for us

Victoria Manganiello is a textile artist and teacher from New York who’s got a huge list of solo and group exhibitions, a residency, art installations and awards under her belt. Victoria’s style is straightforward, contemporary and positively experimental. Her works, above all, her wall hangings (or woven paintings as she calls them) are actually characterized by geometric designs and rich and materic textures. Especially by bringing together different art forms, for example weaving and painting and by different materials too, such as, fibres, yarns and even (in one of her latest Computer 1.0 works) digital components.

We got to know Victoria after interviewing her back in 2017, when she also made a really quirky piece in a hand spinning and weaving project for us, using our extra fine merino wool Tops from the Tempera collection.

Instead, this time Victoria has tried her hand at spinning and weaving by creating a wall hanging which is made up of four grids, which are all different but have a common thread running through them: the geometrical pattern. Merino Extra Fine, Lincoln yarn and prefelt ribbons have been used to make it. I particulary like the materic look of the end result. The handcraft that can be picked out by looking closely at the details of the wall hanging is extraordinary!

Wall hanging inspired by the history of our company

Now let’s see what Victoria has to say as she tells us how the idea of the project came about, which all started the day she came to see us.

“In May 2018, I visited Prato, Italy and a stop at DHG was my top my priority. After working with their amazing products over the years, I was so excited to see where they were coming from, the hands that were processing them, the air they were breathing. While in the warehouse, I spotted the Extra Fine Merino Wool Tops and Lincoln Cotton Yarn.

Piuma - 500 g - Tempera Collection
Dance Lesson
1 pc. € 29,27
Lincoln - 100 g - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 5,12
€ 10,25
Lincoln - 100 g - The Classics Collection
1 pc. € 5,12
€ 10,25
Extra Fine Merino Wool Tops (Sliver) - Tempera Collection
Starry Night
100 g € 7,30
500 g € 31,93
1 kg € 60,82

I had the idea to use these materials for a wall hanging- some kind of tapestry but I knew that once I had the material with my loom and my spindle, the idea would evolve.

I grew up in the USA but my grandparents come from Italy so a visit to the textiles capital of Italy was a huge inspiration for me. As a maker and an educator, I am compelled to work with materials that have a story. I’m inspired by textures and colors from nature and often let the component inform the structure that I create. Working with DHG’s fibers means I bring the story of this company and community and all the stops the materials have made along their way to me, from fiber to art.”

Victoria Manganiello and an autumn coloured wall hanging

Victoria, who always combines weaving and painting perfectly, is going to fill us in on the making of the wall hanging using our materials.

“Inspired by the merino wool from DHG that I had worked with before, I decided to spin it into worsted yarn and also to weave with it unspun. Using the Lincoln Cotton Yarn, I created a warp and incorporated the warp painting manipulations that define my work. I make woven paintings with canvases that I weave by hand. The Lincoln cotton inspired me to incorporate some traditional weaving patterns that complimented the abstraction of my warp painting. The colors, inspired by the fall season and the scale, by my weaving tools, came together into an unconventional wall hanging”.

We’re so grateful to Victoria for using our materials with such mastery and dedication. The outcome looks amazing and we absolutely love how the wall hanging turned out.

These textile creations are really versatile furnishing accessories and textile art pieces. Moreover, they've got the chance to try out the versatility of our materials which is why we call upon these artists. Mandi Smethells was asked to make a wall hanging just for us too. Check them out here.