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from Annalisa Chelli - 10/03/2022

Annalisa Chelli

We have always strongly believed that if you work well and with integrity you shouldn't be afraid of questioning yourself, nor of making mistakes. Making mistakes then learning from said mistakes is human. Almost 20 years ago, with this simple and obvious reality in mind, we dived into the complex world of certifications.

We declared that the certification process would be, first and foremost, a constructive way to give some self-criticism, to understand and monitor our standards over time, and to sow positive seeds for the future. We were convinced that taking care of these certifications would have brought about good results. Collective awareness would have developed in terms of sustainability and the environment, and those looking for textile products would choose to shop with us over others.

It seems that our foresight was on the money and that all our efforts, commenced many years ago, are being recognised more and more. Many people, like us, are ever more convinced that for a product to be considered beautiful, it must first be considered “good” and sustainable.

We are therefore very happy to fill you in on all the certifications we have obtained so far.

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