Color storytelling: Pumpkin


Hallo Halloween hallo pumpkin! Here we go again: once more it's time for trick-or-treating! Time for a nice orange pumpkin carved into a Jack O’Lantern and children dressed up as ghosts, skeletons or monsters.

The tradition has Celtic origins but the celebration we know today is strictly Made in America and celebrates the departed with a pinch of dark humor. It is a very popular celebration in the USA, and it has become quite widespread in other countries, too. Each country celebrates it in their own characteristic way. Generally though, Life and Death mix on the night of October 31st, and superstition takes over streets and homes. Children and youngsters wear costumes and knock on each door in the neighborhood with the traditional question: trick or treat? If no treat is provided, something 'bad' could happen to those who are stingy with their candy!

In Italy, we have similar traditions for All Soul's Day on November 2nd. Bratty kids wander around town with a pumpkin in the shape of a skull and ask "money for the skull?" or children recite nursery rhymes and ask for nuts or small gifts in exchange for well wishes to end up in Paradise. It really is true that, in the end, we are all closer than we think and the ways that we have come up with to feel more secure ad give meaning to the unknown and to natural impulses are all the same no matter where you are in the world. It's a wonderful quality of the human soul, in my opinion.

Anglo-Saxon and Italian traditions aside, do you want to know how I spent my Halloween nights when I was a little girl? With a bag of potato chips, a glass of juice, a warm bed and my favorite alien movie: ET! It's not a movie that discusses the afterlife in the most classic of ways, but it suggests an even greater, unknown Kingdom which in my opinion is even more captivating.

The  DHG color Pumpkin is waiting for you. It's ready to help you bring out your unexplored, mysterious side.
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Don't let it down and set off into the unknown! 

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