New colour card and sample box by DHG

from Gaia Gualtieri - 04/12/2013

Gaia Gualtieri

DHG’s New Colour Card is finally here!

The DHG Colour Card (that you can find here) is the result of a long process. After years of using the same colour card we needed to respond to new market needs that have emerged over time.

A professional, high quality tool perfect for everyone

The DHG Colour Card is intended to be a tool for heavy use, every day, to be an aid to designers, artists, and enthusiasts who are in need more than ever of not only a means to buy the right colour but above all a professional tool to compose their own colour palettes, and, why not, to also interact with their clients from afar.

Colour Card DHG

With this in mind we decided to focus our work on the idea of modularity. The colour card is composed of three elements: a binder, pages and fiber-holding chips. Each of these items is available for purchase individually or as a complete kit (currently made up of 1 binder, 10 pages and 120 fiber chips pre-filled with our fibers).

This way you will be free to either purchase the full kit or simply buy chips of the individual colours that you use/love the most. If the complete range of DHG colours doesn’t interest you, why should you be forced to buy the entire colour card and waste money?

This method is also great for those who sell their creations online or by catalogue. By allowing you to purchase the fiber chips of the specific colours you use in your work and send them to your clients, you can avoid misunderstandings both big and small (we all know how viewing colours online can create quite a few problems) plus your clients will definitely feel even more pampered.

Colour Card DHG

The binder has the classic dimensions of an office binder and can easily hold hole-punched A4 sheets of paper.  This allows you to personalize it however you like.

  • The materials chosen are all high quality: we insisted that they be made in Europe and that they wouldn’t break easily even if subjected to heavy use.  We truly want it to be an instrument that accompanies you in your work without any unwelcome surprises.
  • Colour Card DHG

    • Having worked in the fiber and yarn dyeing business for 60 years, we know very well that black is the best background for viewing colours and so while for the cover we have chosen a combination of greys that evoke our logo, for the internal pages and the fiber-holding chips we chose a true, deep black.

    Colour Card DHG

    • Each page has 15 slots to hold the chips in whichever order you like best.  The chips, on the other hand, each carry the name of a colour.  That way you can remove and replace them as many times as you want without ruining them or losing the name of the colour.

    Colour Card DHG

    One last thing... the colour card is made up of extrafine merino wool fibers but is to be considered a universal reference for the colours of all of our fibers.

    Sustainability and ethics

    The sustainability of our work and our respect for the environment includes the selection of our packaging. So after introducing biodegradable plastic bags for our products, when choosing materials for the binder and for the components of the DHG Colour Card we chose products that are Made in Italy (originating from Fedrigoni paper mill) and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified. The production of the colour card is also FSC certified and the fibers are inserted entirely by hand.

    FSC certification is an international, independent certification by a third-party organization intended specifically for the forest products industry and for paper and non-paper products originating from forests. To learn more…

    Of course this incurs more expense but we are proud to make the extra effort if this means that we can produce in an ethical and sustainable manner and by doing so uphold the tradition of Italian manufacturing.

    We even created a box of chocolates... for refined palates only!

    If the new DHG Colour Card is a fundamental resource for the colours of our fibers, then the new DHG Sample Box (buyable here) is a must-have for everyone who loves to see things with their own eyes before buying. Considering that we (as well as the majority of our official distributors and resellers) sell our products online, we came up with a tool that includes all of the information about each of our fibers. With the colour card, sample box and a computer, it has never been easier to buy our products!

    Sample Box DHG, Colour Card DHG

    We also hope that it will be a useful tool for teachers as the DHG Sample Box gives you the possibility to easily observe the differences between each fiber: the touch, the luster, the weight. Perfect for students ages 1 to 99. Plus it’s light and portable... so you can bring it everywhere with you!

    Sample Box DHG, Colour Card DHG

    With the DHG Sample Box, just like with the colour card, we worked very hard on the idea of modularity. The sample box (already dubbed the “box of chocolates” by the few clients who got a sneak peak) has 24 compartments. 20 are filled with the fibers that we currently produce while 4 are empty, awaiting our new products which will be available soon. In the meantime you can go wild and use them to hold materials that are not from our collection but that you love to use and mix with DHG’s fibers... that way you can keep an eye on everything and it always at your fingertips.

    Sample Box DHG, Colour Card DHG

    You can purchase the DHG Sample Box as a complete set or as individual samples of each of our fibers. Each of the fibers will be available in natural white. Here at DHG it’s obvious that we adore colour, but in this case colour would only be a nuisance. Go ahead and touch, smell and observe the fibers clad only in their natural brilliant white.

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    Complete Fibers Color Card
    1 pc. € 35,59
    Complete Sample Box
    Sample Box 1
    1 pc. € 17,94
    Felt Reference
    4 mm Thermoformable Bergschaf Wool Felt
    1 pc. € 0,67
    Ecoffee Cup
    1 pc. € 12,63