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from Gaia Gualtieri - 24/01/2014

Gaia Gualtieri

And here we are with our first post of 2014. “A little late!” you might say. That may be true... but we will try our best to make it up to you!

In the past few days we have been taking stock, adding to our list of dreams and starting on some new projects that you will find out about soon.
We have also tried to understand where we can do better and, among other things, we realized that, too often, we simply assume that whoever is reading our posts and buying our products knows exactly who we are, what we do and where we come from. Sometimes we also assume that we are completely comprehensible, rattling off technical jargon.  But that isn’t the case.

So our resolution this year is to tell you even more about the DyeingHouseGallery world, what goes on behind the scenes. We will tell you about our company, our city and we will try, if possible, to give you some more information about our products and our methods. It is difficult to explain the beauty of the sound of a loom (I’ve loved it since, as a small girl, I would accompany my grandfather on his visits to his friend Italo and I would listen to their conversations, incomprehensible among that deafening racket). It would be impossible to move you by telling you about the smell of the dyeing auxiliaries (that has always been stuck in my nose and, for me, is the smell of my father’s clothes). So, most of what makes up our DNA is difficult to explain but we will try to impart it to you just the same.

So let’s start with us and our story.

DHG (DyeingHouseGallery) was born in 2007 almost by chance after a meeting with Eva Basile. I grew up amongst the dye vats, surrounded by millions of colors and in a city in which, every once and a while, you can see spools of yarn, lying at the edge of the street, having escaped from the cargo of trucks (something that I swear I have never seen anywhere else!). Despite this, I never thought that the world of textile art was so close and similar to the manufacturing and industrial reality in which I have always been immersed. My meeting with Eva opened my eyes and I threw myself into this new adventure.

That is how the DyeingHouseGallery brand was born, which carries in its name the two souls of this enterprise: DyeingHouse is the industrial dyeing house (my origins, the pulsing productive heart of our project, the tradition) while Gallery is the place where art is made. From the beginning I wanted to underline the main objective: to combine the world of production with that of art and textile craftsmanship. How? By making available to  enthusiasts our experience as well as products and services often privileged to only people involved in this sector. I started off all by myself serving the Italian market. Now I have a marvelous team and a large family all over the world, from the United States to Korea.

This small yet big adventure wouldn’t have been possible without the help of the Colle Group, our parent company active in dyeing textile and yarn fibers since 1952. The Colle Group is an avant-garde company where textile traditions go hand in hand with the latest technologies and where a passion for work and getting things done right have never been separated from a concern for the environment - so much so that in the past few years, great investments were made to render our production continuously less harmful on our surrounding environment (we have succeeded in reducing our CO2 emissions by 30%!)

So we have inherited a great tradition from the Colle Group and every day here at DyeingHouseGallery we attempt to honor that tradition as best we can. And what makes the difference, I believe, is that we do it all from the heart. This company has no longer been only “mine” for a while but belongs to all of the people that accompany me on this journey every day. Fabio, Paola, Samuele, Donatella and I are truly a family.

And that is the reason why we chose this photo for our new ad campaign for 2014.

It is a photo taken in the 1950’s inside one of our dyeing houses. The company’s workers are gathered around a table set up among the dye vats and decked out for a holiday. A family dinner, of sorts.

60 years have passed, the people are different, but the desire and the sense of belonging are always the same. Family and tradition... I am ready to bet that the secret ingredient lies right here.

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