Saori weaving - 'State of Play' by Crossing Threads

Saori is the name of a Japanese textile technique but also the name of the special loom that’s needed when doing this type of weaving. Free expression, a strong connection with the material being used and weaving as a meditation are the basic characteristics of the Saori method.

The Hernandez sisters from Crossing Threads are superb interpreters of Saori weaving. They’ve got a really nice style and are influenced by the natural forms found in nature. There is no limit to their talent. Their textile treasures are characterized by a tactile texture, full of varying compactness. What’s more they have also developed their own intertwining technique, interknot, which has become their trademark.

They have created 'State of play' for us, a textile diptych. Two magnificent panels! It was a great honour for us to have them use our yarns and ribbons for most of the work.

Let’s find out more about the textile diptych and about Crossing Threads.

The inspiration behind the Saori diptych woven panels 'State of Play'

Weave your authentic self’. Exploring how to express the different personalities of each sister, but using the same beautiful selection of DHG fibers was the ultimate inspiration for these two woven panels. Before warping the loom, Lauren and Kass each drew up a scamp of their own design based on the imagination drawn from the fibres. This exercise is done so as to not influence or interfere with each other’s individual aesthetics.

The sisters then collaborated on the designs to ensure there was a degree of cohesion. Lauren wove her panel and Kass wove the other. Close friends and family can tell each panel apart but from the outset, the Crossing Threads aesthetic is unified and interconnected. Each panel is like a prose of poetry or a water-colour painting, woven onto the loom, exhibiting playful and whimsical layers of texture, colour, and form. Just like in real life, their complementary preferences, choices of colour and methods of weaving strike a calming balance in the body of work.

Charleston - 100 g
1 pc. € 15,39
Cyrcus - 100 g
1 pc. € 6,09
€ 12,18
Sierra - 100 g
1 pc. € 22,39
Sierra - 100 g
1 pc. € 22,39

What is next for Crossing Threads?

The start of 2020 was a very busy one for the sisters as they completed their first commercial commission and launched their first solo exhibition, along with an artist talk series that lasted for the full month of February. Since then, the pair have been grateful to be invited to participate in two upcoming exhibitions in August - 4a Centre for Contemporary Asian Art - and November - Australian Design Centre -. Their production schedule is fully booked until the end of the year with 2 large-scale commissions. They are so grateful to be working during a time of flux and uncertainty. Other side projects that wish to explore are launching a scarf collection, creating more of our framed textiles and other commissions that will see them creating new residential and commercial works both domestically and internationally. Crossing Threads® is a part-time gig, where both sisters work Tuesday – Friday in their respective professions of advertising and financial technology. With this in mind, Lauren and Kass are constantly revisiting their purpose behind Crossing Threads® and what value it brings to both their lives as sisters and individuals.

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